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The Lights Are On… Exhibition

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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The Lights Are On... Exhibition, London - Marie Louise Plum

The Lights Are On… Exhibition

Ou Marie is taking part in The Lights Are On… exhibition at Fox Court (a Uthink PDP venue), London.

The Lights Are On… is a group exhibition relating to and exploring issues of mental health, well-being and the quirks of human existence and takes its title from the saying ‘the lights are on but no one is home’ which alludes to the idea of someone being preoccupied, be it by an outside distraction or something more subconscious.

Marie will be presenting a sound and performance work at the opening reception – don’t miss it!

Opening reception: Thursday 23rd October 18.00 – 21.00

Exhibition opening times:
Weekends 11.00 – 17.00
And by appointment during the week.

Closing reception: Saturday 8th November 18.00 – 21.00

Click here for the Facebook events page.

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Stockholm Fringe Festival

Thursday, August 1st, 2013
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We are delighted to have had our “Running with Wolves” project selected for inclusion in this year’s Stockholm Fringe Festival programme.

The Stockholm Fringe Fest mission is to shape a creative platform hosting artists from all over the world. Stoff welcomes the young, the old and everyone in between. The Festival is for those who want to explore, criticise, exchange, question, enjoy, be surprised and for those who simply want to be a part of a thrilling atmosphere where anything is possible.

What slightly differentiates STOFF from a traditional Fringe Festival is that our current primary focus is on promoting performance theatre and installation art; the new, the innovative and the cutting edge. As STOFF grows we hope to be able to diversify further and become a fringe festival open for all forms of artistic expression.

A number of our Wolves will be travelling to Stockholm this summer where we will be delivering mask making workshops as a part of STOFF in the Kulturhuset Stockholm building. These workshops will culminate in a daily procession around the venue and into the streets of Stockholm.

You’ll be able to join in with our mask making activities daily and there will also be opportunities to get involved online too so do bookmark our project page on this website for further information and updates or follow us on Twitter.

In the meantime check out the STOFF website for all the latest news from the fringe.
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Puppet Theatre Building

Friday, February 22nd, 2013
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Puppet Theatre Sketches

Puppet Theatre Building

Our Layla Holzer is busy at work building a theatre for our puppet show performances on Saturday 2 March at Milkwood Gallery. We will be performing a classic Punch & Judy show along with a shadow puppet version of the Jabberwocky.

As a result Layla has developed a theatre design that will allow for both a shadow play performance and a ‘glove puppet’ type performance as well.

The theatre is looking rather magical already. If you’d like to see a sneak peek I suggest you head over to Layla’s Instagram page to track down some pictures of the build in progress.

I hope we’ll see you at Milkwood Gallery though on Saturday 2 March for an evening of puppetry and fairy tales.

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