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Rachel Gibson

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
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Gone but not forgotten (Click here to read more)

Rachel is a Manchester-based writer of short animated films and is turning her hand to designing/making shadow puppets and paper-cut art. She tells stories without words, and is inspired by a love of illustrated folk and fairy tales, Lotte Reiniger, Dorothea Tanning, and stop-motion animation.

Rachel also loves kung fu films, Glenn Gould, and snowy places.

Rachel Gibson - The Birdkeeper (Detail)Rachel Gibson - The Birdkeeper (Framed)

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Faye Scott-Farrington

Friday, August 17th, 2012
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Faye Scott-Farrington is a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University’s multimedia Interactive Arts course.

On a quest to become a polymath.

Shambling blindly through the world of contemporary art, grasping wildly at fleeting ideas in the hope that one of them might just form into a tangible and meaningful piece of work.

Changing Night Spots by Faye Scott-FarringtonChanging Night Spots by Faye Scott-FarringtonManifesto: Chrissy Wallace & Faye Scott-FarringtonFaye Scott-Carrington - Bird MakerFaye Scott-Carrington - A DayFaye Scott-Farrington - Cake & Bunting EmbroideryFaye Scott-Farrington - Tweetart Cross Stitch KitFaye Scott-Farrington - Forged MetalworkFaye Scott-Carrington - Porn Collage

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