The Pack of Wolves’ projects have all been self-funded to date and we would appreciate your support in enabling us to produce future events so please do take browse our shop items – all proceeds from sales here will be put back directly into the production of new exhibitions and events.

The masks below were all designed and embellished by our artists as a part of our Running with Wolves project this summer and are all unique items. Postage (in the UK) for all of these items is included in the list price.

If you would like to commission an individual item from one of our artists please feel free to contact us to discuss this.

Layla's Red Mask


Stoff Mask 3

Stoff Mask 4

Stoff Mask 5

Layla’s Red Wolf Mask
Purple & Green Wolf Mask
Spike’s Techno Wolf Mask
Layla’s Red Bones Wolf Mask
Hand Stitched Wolf Mask

Stoff Mask 6 (Red)Purple & Pink MaskPatterned STOFF Mask

Red & Black Tribal Mask
Pink & Purple Wolf Mask
Layla’s Beautiful Patterned Mask