Layla Holzer

Layla Holzer

Layla Holzer is fairy tale illustrator, paper cut maker, story creator and day dreamer.

Little Red Riding Hood alter-ego and wolf lover.

Over the hills and far away, in a place that lingers between the truth and the imaginary, do wolves, witches and wildness dwell between silver trees. A forest of dark enchantment, where inquisitiveness can lead to regret and the disobedient shall suffer.

Cautions to those curious children and poor parents who are short of moral values – heed my tales of admonishments!

I like to write and illustrate stories that echoe the woes and dismays that I see in society before weaving them into my fairy tale realm. Ultimately, I seek to inspire and encourage people to realise the mistakes of our world and adopt wiser moral judgement, through use of cautionary tales and uncanny punishment. I don’t mean to scare or upset but to awaken.

I mainly create my narratives through gouache paintings, paper cuts, puppets, shadows and pop-up books. I like to dip in and out of making 3D things but my work is mainly book based.

The Erl King by Layla HolzerThe Erl King by Layla HolzerLayla Holzer - Hairy HeadsLayla Holzer - HareLayla Holzer - Pupa

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