Kimberley Adams

‘We’, you and I, are the basis of Kimberley’s work. Kimberley examines elements needed to produce portraiture, investigating the displacement of the spectator and the subject; investigating the shift in spectator power relations and how much visual information contributes to a person’s identity and how displacement of the spectator and subject can be affected. In the history of art, people have sought to produce images either of themselves or of others and portraiture has become a source of endless interpretation, documenting and revealing subjects, however we can never ‘know’ the subject within an image.

Kimberley Adams’ current work ‘Look’ invites the spectator to seek out the portrait of the artist as no image is provided. The portrait will be realised at a glance, through conversation at private viewings, through the introduction of friends, it may even take place at home when researching the artist. The way in which the spectator views this portrait highlights the many ways in which contemporary portraiture should be viewed.

Kim Adams - UntitledKimberley Adams - UntitledKimberley Adams - Why You MeKim Adams - Why You MeKimberley Adams - Look At MeKimberley Adams - Look At Me (Detail)